WALKING RUGBY WHAT IS IT? Walking Rugby is one of England Rugby’s non-contact formats of the game. There is no tackling involved, instead a touch on the armpit or below are used. Played on a half pitch, participants must be walking at all times.

WHO CAN PLAY? Walking Rugby can be played by everyone; however, it is generally played by older players (55+). All skill levels can play together.

WHAT TO EXPECT? A welcoming, laid back, social environment is the core experience of all walking rugby sessions. Players should arrived dressed for the playing conditions and introduce themselves to the organiser when they arrive. Each session is unique so be sure check-in with the organiser prior to joining.

COMMITMENT LEVEL ~ Low ~ Social sessions you can drop in and out of whenever suits you

Either pop us an email dissrugbyclub@yahoo.co.uk or just turn up!

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