New virtual walks to help you keep active

Funded by the Lowestoft and Northern Parish Community Partnership. The Lowestoft Mile currently comprises four virtual walks around the local area. Filmed using 360o virtual reality and drone footage.

Developed by the East Suffolk Communities Team, all the walks are approximately one mile and have been created especially for people who are unable to leave their homes and available for everyone to enjoy.

The walks have a voiceover explaining local facts and interesting information and can be viewed on any device with a Wi-Fi connection. The videos can also be used with virtual reality goggles which work with a smartphone to give the user an immersive experience.

If able, you are encouraged to walk on the spot, take seated steps or just move their arms whilst watching the walk.

The routes currently available are:

Nicholas Everitt Park
A Lound circular walk
The Claremont Pier and Kensington Gardens
Lowestoft Lighthouse to Ness Point.

For more information visit our site or contact us on 01502 523111 or email

To view the walks, please visit our website

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