The Dads Exchange is a peer support group for fathers facing challenges.

Specifically, to: meet and talk about your experiences, thoughts and feelings. Discuss common problems and possible solutions. Support each other through difficult situations, circumstances and times.

We will do this by meeting regularly, with a facilitator who will ensure that what’s said in the group remains confidential, that everyone gets chance to have their say, and that everyone is treated with equal respect.

The Dads Exchange is for:

dads not living with their children
dads going through Family Courts
dads with no or limited contact with their children
dads dealing with Children’s services
dads who are struggling with any other parenting issue

The Dads Exchange will be facilitated by Andy Wood, an experienced men’s group facilitator and Caring Dads Programme facilitator. 

Introductory meeting will take place at the large meeting room, The Men’s Centre, 47-51 Pitt Street, Norwich, NR3 1DE.

on Tuesday 22nd November

at 7 pm

The date and frequency of future meetings will be determined then.

Please book your place by contacting Andy.

Contact: Andy Wood: | Telephone: 07584253441

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