Rainbow call companions-

Re-engage’s award-winning telephone befriending service for LGBTQ+ people aged 75 and over.

All our Rainbow volunteers are LGBTQ+, too.

When an older person joins a Re-engage service, you can be confident that they are joining a service which is free, long-term, and has excellent safeguarding and volunteer training at its heart.

To refer an older person to Rainbow Call Companions, please use the simple form on our website ( click on the blue Find Out More button below.)

For more on Rainbow Call Companions, call Sam Higgins on 020 7881 2368.

People who are 75+ find friendship and feel significantly less lonely thanks to Re-engage’s groups and befriending calls.
Here’s what one of our older people told us about the service:
“I wish there were more social clubs for older gay people. Rainbow Call Companions is a wonderful service and I hope more of our community will come to use it. I get regular calls from my call companion, Jules, and we talk about almost everything. It’s marvellous for me because otherwise I might not speak to another person from one week to the next.”

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