‘Priory Patch’ is a 60 by 40 metre space located in Beeston Regis just outside Sheringham which will be a community garden/smallholding.

We want to grow a whole variety of edible crops and keep some animals.

The aims are for The Patch are the same as the Shed – to use the space to combat loneliness, isolation and poor mental health.

We also want the Patch to be wheelchair accessible, putting in wider walkways and raised beds, meaning this can really be a place for everyone. From this base we aim to do a lot of exciting projects around the town.

A group of people have been meeting at The Patch and have enjoyed working together – clearing ground, planting and putting in the foundations of a project that will improve the area (including wildlife habitats) now, and for future generations.

The work at The Patch is currently paused until early 2022 as we get contractors in to clear rubbish and erect a perimeter fence.

If you would like further information, please contact us. Website https://sheringhamshed.org

Email office@sheringhamsshed.org or Phone 01263 824020


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