Number to keep handy

0344 800 8020 – option 1

Urgent, unplanned care needs?
Fallen but unhurt?
Call Norfolk Swift Response
Service operates 24 hours a day and is free for Norfolk residents
over the age of 18
0344 800 8020 – option 1

Swift Response Main Functions
Falls – The service offers support to people in Norfolk
where they have fallen and are stating they are

Personal Care– The service provides help with personal
care tasks where the person has an unplanned/urgent
need which can include catheter/stoma care, toileting
and assistance to get up or go to bed

Welfare checks can be undertaken by the service for
people where there has been a need identified

Domestic Emergencies e.g. Power
Failures/Lighting/other domestic emergency

Shopping – The service will undertake emergency
shopping for a person. This may be because of illness,
an informal carer illness or a discharge from hospital
where essential items are required.

On-going care needs – If, after visiting, the Swift team
feel further help is needed, they are able to refer to
either directly to Norfolk First Support or to a social
work/OT team for a Community Care Assessment, they
can also provide more visits until the resolution is found

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