Great Yarmouth Heritage Walks- Medieval Town Wall Guided Heritage Walk Starting at Great Yarmouth Minster, Church Plain, GREAT YARMOUTH, Norfolk, NR30 1NE

Adults £4.50

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Length of walk: Approx 90 minutes/ Just over a mile long. Weds 5th Apr 2023 2pm Thurs 27th Apr 2023 2pm Weds 10th May 2023 2pm Sun 21st May 2023 2pm Weds 14th June 2023 11am Sun 25th June 2023 2pm Sun 13th Aug 2023 2pm Sun 27th Aug 2023 2pm Thurs 26th Oct 2023 11am

Isolated on the east coast, fear of pirates and invasion gave the people of Great Yarmouth a distinct last frontier mentality. Once King John granted the town its Charter, a wall was the answer. However, delays due to the onset of plague meant the wall was obsolete as a defence even before completion. Walk England’s second most complete Medieval Town Wall with our trained guides and find out why and how it was built, how it was reinforced in times of rebellion and civil war, and whilst never coming under serious attack, how it defined the development of the town.

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