If you think you see a scam and need advice, call the Citizens Advice consumer service on 0808 223 1133 or visit citizensadvice.org.uk.

You can also report the scam to Action Fraud by calling 0300 123 2040 or at actionfraud.police.uk.


Scams can affect anyone, so it’s important to know how to spot one. It might be a scam if:

  •  It seems too good to be true, like you’ve won a competition you don’t remember entering, or a “Get Rich Quick” investment opportunity that promises really high returns.
  • There’s unexpected contact, such as someone you don’t know getting in touch or getting a message about a parcel delivery you’re not expecting.
  •  You’ve been asked for personal information like passwords or your bank details.
  •  You’re being urged to respond quickly so you don’t get time to think about it or talk to family and friends.
  • You’ve been asked to pay urgently or in an unusual way, for example by gift vouchers or a transfer service, or you keep being asked for extra money to complete the deal.
  • You suspect you’re not dealing with a real company, like if there’s no postal address.
  • You are being asked to pay for a product or service before receiving written confirmation of what’s been agreed.

Watch out for financial scams – whether that’s investment opportunities that promise high returns, spam emails posing as HMRC, or texts or calls pretending to be from your bank asking you to transfer money quickly.

Remember: Don’t give money or personal details to anyone you don’t know, trust or have only met online, and don’t click on any links they send you

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