An active mind is a healthy mind

Older people’s health and wellbeing is known to be adversely affected by loneliness and a lack of mental stimulation. “Call 2 Mind” offers a service that focuses on keeping the mind active, which in turn provides valuable company.

Your visitor will always be the same person, giving you the reassurance of a familiar face with every visit.

Support pursuing favourite hobbies or interests, past or present. e.g. simple cooking/baking, light gardening/indoor plants, knitting, sewing and crafts, walking, music, dancing singing and sports.

  • Playing board or card games together.
  • Reminiscence. e.g. talking about years gone by, childhood, school, work, family life, involving photographs and books where possible.
  • Decorating and compiling a memory box together. (Boxes available at a small cost)
  • Support with joining social groups.
  • Or simply having a cup of tea and a chat.

Visits can be arranged Monday to Friday between the hours of 10am and 4pm for a minimum of one hour at £15 per hour.

Call 07376952601 or email for more information.


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