Warm Space

Our welcome hub is open to anyone, young or old. A place to socialise, come in to read a book or do a jigsaw. We have light lunches, hot drinks and cake. Crafters welcome, or come along and share your skills to a small group. You may be struggling with loneliness but want to meet new people, then the hub is open to you. The hub is supported by the Norfolk Community Foundation and so we do not expect anything in return for the refreshments you have.

Location Features: Free Food/Drink, Free Wi-Fi, Advice, People to chat to, Wheelchair Accessible, Toilets, Accessible Toilet, Parking, Child Friendly


at 11am-4pm

Harling Old School Village Hall, 2 School Lane, East Harling, Norwich NR16 2LU

Visit https://warmspaces.org/ to find more warm spaces near you.

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